Saturday, December 27, 2008

Old Coloured Pencil Drawings

Cupcake Queen
My other passion - baking. So much I even considered becoming a professional baker


Mmm... I wish to do a proper painting of these yummy baked goods.

Gender Twist

I thought this concept was quite humorous when I thought of it. As we get to see a lot of couples that seem to have switched roles and are happy with it.

The Battle
This was a gift for Dan Barrett - solely based on his "social life".
Looking at it now - 3 years after completing this piece, some of the references seem very confusing and odd, but I do remember having fun working on this piece.

Like Father Like Daughter

This is a portrait of my dad and myself.

Our senses happen to be extra sensitive during the hayfever season. I guess having lawn-mowing-obsessive neighbours doesn't help this fact either.

Sniff Master
An observation of 'the male species' I see on a daily basis.
Their sense of smell seems be somewhat more developed or "useful?" than any other senses.

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