Friday, October 29, 2010

Dan and Anna's Corrugated Palace

This was our concept for a website screen. And back then we were also going to call ourselves "NoSuchLuck" - Which explains the rugged look about this piece.
But the more we thought about it, "NoSuchLuck" with this "Give us money" theme didn't sound promising - especially to future clients.
However, as we were already half way into the project, we decided to finish it anyway. So here it is.
Dan and Anna's Corrugated Palace - Final

 And these following drawings are to show you how we work together on our collaborations.
Draft - First few ideas of overall layout and feel we want to achieve
Developed composition - A much more elaborate and thought out draft of what the final should look like

Typically, Dan starts it off with his assigned graphics as I am busy procrastinating.
He then gets my approval and starts to colour
A few weeks pass us by, and I start on mine
During the process, a few things change - by this time we have decided to scrape this idea for our website.
We put together what we've done, and this is what it looks like before we begin the editing process, which is another huge collaboration.
This is the portrait we used in the illustration
And yay! The collaboration is complete. The collaboration itself doesn't take long to do as we're used to working together and we communicate with each other very well. I just need to stop being a workaholic.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Peter Boyle and Sam Eagle

Boyle and Sam Tea Cups
Another one of our Muppet + Star pairings. I have to say it's been pretty entertaining trying to come up with the appropriate matches for the Muppets.
Initially, it was these two pairings (Bill Bailey + Rowlf the Dog; and this current piece) we were joking about that got us on this huge project.

The idea was to plant these two grumpy characters in a playful and colourful environment.
Surprisingly the bigger challenge was the ridiculously pastel background. The hideous blotches of colours seemed very apt in a Jim Henson fanart - Have I mentioned that we are big Jim Henson fans?
Quality shots of my Boyle Sketches

There are a few cliches you can easily spot in this illustration also.
Cliches - those are my favourite.
Here's one of them! It's a love heart! Aww...

In case you haven't checked out, here is a link to my partner in crime, and to his blog. He likes to upload bigger pictures for those who are blind.