Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monkey Island Characters - Lemon

Another wonderfully camp character I just had to draw. Who could resist the tangy Lemon.
There are little in-jokes in every illustration too, by the way.
Such as that banana behind his back... That's all I have to say.

The colouring job was a bit of a pain because I'm not the best at rendering shiny bods.
Also, to maintain the cartoony look and feel of the Lemon head without making it look too flat was a challenge.

Here are some very random concept drawings and ideas I had going on in the beginning.
I can now point and laugh at what a fool I was... although I quite like the fishnet idea still.

(For a collaboration piece with Danster

1 comment:

SI said...

Wohoo go Anna! I love these character designs you are doing. Especially this one, his pose is nice and natural. Oh, and he has a Lemon head, which is a bonus. Going to the AUT grad show?

Anyway, keep it up, I am going to browse you blog now...