Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Froggies Revisited

Many years ago (3 human years ago), an old woman decided to go back to university and study Graphic Design. Everyone around told her she must DRAW for a living, so she majored in Illustration. During the second year in her degree, she took a class that taught her magical tricks of Digital Painting. They used a mysterious tool called "the tablet!". One day, the wise teacher asked the students to each go and work on their digital paintings. "But you must only use the wondrous powers of "the tablet", which you may borrow from the dungeon", screamed the wise teacher.
That night, the old woman had a dream about 2 talking frogs bathing in a cup of tea. "Nice and warm on a cold winter's night", one of the frogs confessed to the old woman. When she woke, she KNEW what her painting was going to be. It was but the frogs in their warm, bubbly cup of tea!
So she grabbed the magic "the tablet" and drew, and drew, and drew some more. When it was finished, she was pleased she captured the wilderness of the frogs. But the magic "the tablet" was too much of a modern tool for the old woman. The lines she drew were wobbly, and the painting job disappointed her. "I know I can do better than this!", she said to herself in the reflection of the computer.
And many years after that (after 3 human years), she found an old pencil that she used to use before "the tablet" days. And she drew, and drew, and drew some more. When it was finished, she was very pleased. 
She had suddenly remembered, that it wasn't a cup of tea the frogs were bathing in. It was a cup of French onion soup! "It all makes sense now!", cried the old woman. Then she danced, and danced, and danced some more. And the whole town rejoiced along with her to celebrate the magical powers of the pencil she had sorely missed.

The next day, one of her servants asked, "ma'am, will this drawing be coloured?" The old woman did not answer. For she did not know whether it would ever be coloured or not. The magical pencil had nothing but a black lead. Days went past, and the old woman fell into despair and lost all hope. For who could ever learn to paint the froggies?

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SI said...

Ahahaha, that's hilarious,I rememebr looking at this on some E-block wall a few years back :) Nice concept