Sunday, December 05, 2010

Panda Project

"Do As Pandas Do"

A watercolour painting I worked on for Gold Panda competition/ exhibition. Rather than something that was political, I wanted to enter a piece that showed humour. And I'm quite certain nobody had ever illustrated a story quite like this (similar perhaps, but not quite the same).
But I cannot, for the love of god, take good photos of this painting. It was either too bright, too much sun, or too much shadow. And now that I'm sending this away for their exhibition, I will never have a good photograph of the painting. Brilliant.
Some closeup shots of the painting.
And pre-painting tracing of the drawing on the canvas

The selected paintings (there are no winners or losers!) will be exhibited in China and sold to anyone interested. The money collected from the exhibition will then go toward the panda conservation. Isn't that neat? I'm doing my part for this world.

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Brine Blank said...

Awesome...and nice handling of the crowd in the front with the highlights...