Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon

I don't watch TV. But The Walking Dead (and living in Dunedin) has changed all that. It's such a cool show! And what about their character Daryl Dixon? Isn't he something? And because he's so awesome I had to draw him based on the killing spree scene in the second season.
For those of you who don't remember how awesome Daryl was in that scene, I shall kindly embed the clip here. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

hi iv had to re-register! what a pain-heres that link again pm me if you get stuck

Cindy D. said...

Great illustration! A terrific likeness and what great atmosphere! I watched the first season of the show but somehow never picked it back up. Too much work and art and *cough* computer games.

Anna said...

@Cindy D.
Haha. Well, they have The Walking Dead computer game out now too.

Abby said...

Great illustration! I could have written this post. I "never" watched TV until we started watching "Walking Dead". We don't have cable but we heard about the show, and now stream it from Netflix. Daryl is my favorite character!

Abby said...

Great Dylan illustration! I could have written this post because I "never" watch TV, but we just started streaming Walking Dead from Netflix and I love it! Dylan is my fave character.