Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My Studio in Dunedin NZ

This is only for temporary as we will be moving away from Dunedin, NZ once Dan completes his Masters. But I know I get curious about how other artists work, so I thought I'd post a photo of my current studio.
I get a nice view of our front garden, and a lot of light coming in through our gigantic windows. So it's a perfect spot to draw, paint, and ponder.

And this is what my lineart pieces look like before being scanned in and coloured. I enjoy the organic quality of watercolours and ink, so if I'm not using traditional mediums for the whole illustration, I try to use them for the lines at least.


Nathan said...

Hey, where's the mirror ;)

Simon said...

Hey Anna,
Great to browse through your blog again! Your style has really developed, good on you for keeping at it. I'm really impressed by your work. I also try to keep up illustration when I can, although at the mo I am mostly doing graphic design. A big change to what I thought I would be doing after graduating AUT, but I'm enjoying it. It'd be great to see what the others in our year are up to. I saw Ralph the other day, he's doing well, he's a really talented guy.
Well, congrats on getting married, I also got married last year in Brazil. All the best in Dunedin, keep drawing