Thursday, September 05, 2013

New Gigantic Toy - Canon Pixma Pro-100!

Oh yes. A NEW toy. Silhouette Cameo wasn't enough for us. After doing research on printers for about 2 months I got this baby for about $200 this week. Woop woop! And this printer is the biggest "desktop" printer I have ever seen. It's about 27 inches wide. Just look at my phone I placed next to the box as a comparison!
 I had to rearrange our apartment just so I could fit this fat thing near our computer desk. And look at how impressive our bookshelf looks now. Most of our books are now in the bedroom - they're no longer wanted!
 This is the very impressive looking view of the ink tanks. They come with lights! It's just like Christmas!
Well, it took about a whole day to rearrange the apartment and the rest of the evening to set up the printer, so I haven't had any time to print anything out yet. But I'm just happy looking at it.

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