Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Taryn's Wedding Illustration

I have stopped taking commission work because I usually have other projects that I have to be working on, but I was recently asked by a former coworker Taryn to illustrate for her wedding. Instead of having a traditional guestbook like everybody else, she had an idea to make little heart shapes for the guests to write on. She would then stick those heart-shaped messages around this illustration and get it framed for her house. It sounded like such a great and inventive idea, that made me want to illustrate for her and her future husband.
She always had photos of cars on her facebook page, so I decided to go along with a car theme. The car is 1971 XY Ford Falcon GTHO. Her partner's favourite. He was very specific about the colour because that's the signature for the model. The orange made the illustration really pop out and appealing. I really like how the car turned out.

I wish the couple the very best for their wedding. And I look forward to seeing more photos of it once she has all the hearts glued on it.

*Edit: Taryn has put it all together and sent me photos. Click here to see them*

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