Thursday, September 23, 2010

Froggies in Onion Soup

A few months had passed. The uncoloured drawing of the froggies was left in the dusty corner of the drawing room. The townspeople had stopped asking the old woman about the drawing. "'Tis not the time!", she would hiss at curious peasants.
But one day, a very handsome biologist from the woods as far as North America came to visit. He was not riding a white horse, and his hair didn't smell of gold and honey. But he had a smile that melted the old woman's heart. "I have been hearing about this unfinished drawing of your froggies", he spoke softly like a nervous bird. "I have come to see this famous drawing in person". Before the creaky muscles in the old woman's body could react, the handsome biologist moved swiftly toward the drawing, and unveiled it from layers of dust.
There was a silence. And then there were gasps. The uncoloured drawing of the froggies was indeed coloured.
"But... but... what... who...?" The old woman was suddenly lost for words. "If you didn't paint this, then who did?", one by one, the townspeople gathered around asking questions that could not be answered. The handsome biologist studied the drawing room, and discovered a dusty black pad laying on the ground. "What on earth is this?", his soft voice asked, turning slowly at the old woman. The woman took a few moments staring at the dusty pad blankly. Little by little, the blank expression on her face blossomed into a knowing smile. "It's "the tablet"!", she laughed. "The magical "the tablet" must've finished the painting for me!" Then she danced, and danced, and danced some more. And the whole town rejoiced along with her, celebrating the magical powers of "the tablet" she had sorely missed.

The biologist smiled, and turned to head back to alert his town of this wonderful news. It was truly the happiest happy ending of all.

-- The End --

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