Thursday, October 28, 2010

Peter Boyle and Sam Eagle

Boyle and Sam Tea Cups
Another one of our Muppet + Star pairings. I have to say it's been pretty entertaining trying to come up with the appropriate matches for the Muppets.
Initially, it was these two pairings (Bill Bailey + Rowlf the Dog; and this current piece) we were joking about that got us on this huge project.

The idea was to plant these two grumpy characters in a playful and colourful environment.
Surprisingly the bigger challenge was the ridiculously pastel background. The hideous blotches of colours seemed very apt in a Jim Henson fanart - Have I mentioned that we are big Jim Henson fans?
Quality shots of my Boyle Sketches

There are a few cliches you can easily spot in this illustration also.
Cliches - those are my favourite.
Here's one of them! It's a love heart! Aww...

In case you haven't checked out, here is a link to my partner in crime, and to his blog. He likes to upload bigger pictures for those who are blind.

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