Friday, April 18, 2014

Ecto1 - The beginning

Oh man... This project has been delayed by EVERYTHING. I thought it would be cool to try a wood cutout, add a few UV painted ghosts with UV LED lights. Sound simple? Yes. But is it? NO!
I had trouble with the UV paint I bought. It wasn't working well with wood, and also it didn't work with a lot of UV lights. Also, the acrylic paint I ordered for this project never got shipped, so I had to find something else. So I was back to square one for a while and blah blah.
The concept was created probably a few months ago now. I am not impressed with how long it's taking for all the supplies to arrive and the lack of information I get given of each product. But I'm getting there! Still waiting for the correct UV paint to arrive, and then I'll order the correct LED lights after making sure the UV paint works.

The project goes on.

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