Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Why you gotta be so difficult, Wordpress?

Oh why?

The bloglull (it's no longer March) explains that I've been sidetracked. We drove to Portland for a wee while. Got to catch up with friends, Dan did a job interview, he also drove and navigated around this confusing city of no road signs. But somehow I was the exhausted one after the trip. Man, it really hit me. Also, I've been trying to learn / find the right template for our new Wordpress website.

I've made websites before. 2 counts as plural here. And I understand basic html and sometimes weird scripts. I know how to look things up when I get stuck and find my way around to setting up something that looks decent to the code virgins. But Wordpress? That is a whole new language. You have to know EEEEVERYTHING. For example, I learned breadcrumb trail is a terminology in the web language talk. It's basically a code for "you are here" and it looks like this: Home > Shop > Fat Free > Cheeseburgers
Apparently, the term came from Hansel and Gretel. Interesting, no? Zzzzzz

Has anyone tried learning from the very beginning of WP? I ask this to nobody in particular because I would very much like to. I really would. But just look at everything you need to know here. And CSS is not my friend.

For those who are not crazy would be fine with free basic templates and tweak a few things to be happy with it. Me? I am as crazy as it gets. I don't care if I don't know how to use something. I have to do whatever it takes to make it look like the pretty drawing I did, which is constantly changing.

Anyway, here's a completely unrelated piece of information. Since it's April Fool's Day, here's a prank I wanted to try on Dan but never did because he had to work in the rain and I didn't want to upset him.

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